It’s almost impossible to give an accurate estimate of how many hours your website will take to build because:

-your web developer doesn’t know what code/theme is already on your site

-a lot depends on how many revisions you want. I once made 57 different headers for a client. That takes a lot longer than if a client approves the first one.

-some clients want more communication and ask a lot more questions than others, and that time can really add up

-you web developer cannot see into the future and anticipate what problems will be encountered and how long it will take to solve them.

Also, keep in mind that it takes a LONG time for a web developer to just go through everything and estimate how long the project will take… it’s not a simple question. Sometimes, it takes us an hour or two just to give an estimate. And that’s time that we’re not being paid for.

Instead of asking ‘how many hours will this take?’, try giving your budget and seeing if a project is doable. If I know your budget is 10 hours and you have a site with 30 pages, I can tell you right away that I can’t complete the project within that budget.

You can also ask for an estimate on a much smaller piece- try asking: “How long does it usually take you to design a home page?” Or “How long does customizing the WooCommerce pages usually take you?” Then you can compare the answers from different web developers and use that to make your hiring decision.