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Re-Entry Permits

Lawful permanent residents (LPR) of the United States are generally allowed to travel outside the country and return. Re-entry permits are issued to help prevent problems re-entering the country after traveling abroad. JCL Immigration Attorneys in Arizona can help you prepare for international travel and avoid headaches when returning to the United States.

Re-Entry Permit

General Details:
A Permanent Resident Card becomes invalid for re-entry into the U.S. if you are absent from the country for one year or more.
A re-entry permit allows you to apply for admission to the United States after traveling abroad for up to two years without having to obtain a returning resident visa.
A re-entry permit establishes that you did not intend to abandon your current LPR status.
Many countries worldwide may allow you to use a re-entry permit much like you would a passport, placing necessary visas and entry and exit stamps in the permit so you may use it as your main travel document.
You should file Form I-131: Application for Travel Document well before your planned trip.
You may not apply for a re-entry permit from outside the United States.
Re-entry permits cannot be extended.

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