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JCL Immigration Attorneys offers a wide range of immigration services to help in all manner of situations. Our dedicated immigration lawyers, with over 50 years of combined knowledge and experience, can help you live, study, work, or become a citizen of the United States. Get ready to start living your dreams!

Employment Sponsorship

The United States offers job opportunities in fields ranging from manual labor to services, academic pursuits, professional roles, and more. Artists, entertainers, religious workers, degree-based employment, teachers, professors, specialists, seasonal workers, and many others. When you’re ready to explore employment opportunities here, our team can help you obtain a Work Visa or Green Card for legal employment anywhere in the country.


Work Visa

Learn more about these common work visas for employment in the United States: H1-B, H1-B1, TN, O-1, L-1.


Green Card

Learn more about these common green card categories for employment-based residency in the U.S.: EB- 1, EB-2, EB-3, EB-4, EB-5.

Family Sponsorship

Are you already in the United States? We can help you bring your spouse or fiancé, parents, or siblings to live with you in safer and better surroundings and even take advantage of study or work opportunities. Differing relationships have varying requirements and wait times. Review the links below to learn how our team can help unite your family in the United States.


Spouse/ Fiancé

Learn more about visas for fiancé and spousal residencies in the United States: IR-1, CR-1, I-751 Removal of Conditions, K-1.


Learn more about visas for bringing your parents to the United States. Note that at this time, only U.S. citizens, not permanent residents, are allowed to sponsor their parents: I-130 Petition.


Learn more about visas for siblings to come to the U.S. Only United States citizens may sponsor a brother or sister; permanent residents cannot: Category F-4/I-130 Petition.


The United States offers tremendous opportunities for furthering your education, starting or investing in a business, and building a better life. The JCL Immigration team has the knowledge and experience to help you with all kinds of immigration needs, including individual visas, re-entry permits, and starting down the road to U.S. citizenship with the naturalization process. Follow the links below to learn more.


Investor Work Visa

This visa allows a foreign national to manage trade, business, or investments and grants temporary legal access within the United States: E-1, E-2.

Investor Green Card

Certain types of immigrant investors who wish to make a substantial investment into a business that creates jobs in the United States may apply for an investor green card: EB-5.


International students may study and reside in the United States while attending high schools, language schools, or post-secondary education at universities or trade schools. We can help students obtain an F- 1 student visa, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) or Optional Practical Training (OPT) work authorizations.

Self-Petition Green Card

Individuals with extraordinary abilities or skills in the national interest of the United States may qualify for temporary work and residency in the U. S. with a Self-Petition Geen Card: EB-1A, EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW).

Re-Entry Permit

Re-entry permits enable lawful permanent residents and others to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad for extended periods of up to two years. You should file the necessary form (I-131) well in advance of your trip.

Naturalization Application

Learn more about how to become a naturalized citizen of the United States, the requirements, time frames, and how JCL Immigration can help.


A global economy and employee pool provide numerous opportunities for U.S. companies to locate talented and skilled workers. Businesses can help workers come to the United States for gainful employment. Our team can help with I-9 applications and the E-Verify process, as well as help you create employee visa policies.


I-9 and E-Verify

All U.S. employers must complete a Form I-9 for a new hire to verify that the new hire is eligible for employment in the U.S. JCL Immigration Attorneys can also help employers use the E-Verify system to confirm employee eligibility.

Policies and Guidelines for Visa Teammates

JCL Immigration Attorneys can work with your company to create a clear visa employee policy and make it available to all company stakeholders and visa employees to manage expectations and answer common questions.

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