Building your new home

can be challenging.

We can help.

Home builders in Western Washington love crafting wonderful creations for their clients. They do not like doing all of the behind the scenes preparation work required before they can put a single board into place.

This is where NorthWest Permit Services comes to the RESCUE! We do not cut boards. We don’t pound nails. We are not going to jump on a backhoe and dig out your soon to be foundation. NOPE!

We work directly for the homeowner to accomplish all of those behind the scenes things so the builder can, well, build:
▪ Boundary surveys
▪ Critical area studies
▪ Homeowner association coordination
▪ Water/sewar/power/gas provider connections
▪ Site preparation contractor selection and management
▪ Building permits
And lots, lots more….

Every location has its own rules and regulations.

Anacortes has different requirements for a waterfront home than Whatcom county, Skagit County may not allow a well that Island County is OK with.

We work with them all, we understand those differences.

Services we offer:


Site feasibility consulting


Sub-contractor identification

Pre-construction Project Management

Construction process monitoring

Remodel Project Management

Where we work:

▪ Snohomish County
▪ Skagit County
▪ Island County
▪ San Juan County
▪ Whatcom County

And the cities within

Where are you building your home?

Where are you building your home?

Do not get bogged down in
paperwork and confusion!!

Call NorthWest Permit Services &
Enjoy building your new home!