Lake Stevens total inside/outside remodel of 4500 sq.ft. house

Challenges overcome:
-Structural changes requiring foundation/footing and shear wall upgrades
-Radiant heating system not sufficient and no cooling capacity
-Permitting in Snohomish County
-Material locating to meet new kitchen and bathroom designs
-Poor initial construction framing /electrical / plumbing
-Concurrent work by framing /trim /paint contractors

Anacortes waterfront new construction

Challenges overcome:
-HOA height restrictions
-Narrow waterfront lot
-Waterfront building location restrictions
-City lot design requirements
-Neighborhood design fit
-Boat dock upgrades

Whidbey Island new construction

Challenges overcome:
-Wet location
-Contractor errors
-Client remote location

Whatcom county zoning violations

Challenges overcome:
-Setback requirement violations
-Parking requirement violations
-Tight timeline
-Budget restrictions
-House location on lot

Whatcom County seasonal farm worker camp

Challenges overcome:
-Minimizing impact on farm operations
-Well clearance requirements
-Septic system design and installation
-Tight timeline
-Undefined County permit requirements
-WA State permit requirements
-WA State building inspections