basic website package

the best deal for getting started

wordpress installation

I’ll install WordPress on your site if you don’t already have it.  WordPress is hands down the best way to manage your content, especially if you have blog.

FREE Divi theme

I love Divi’s drag and drop page builder, and you will, too!  It makes life SO much easier.  You’ll get Divi (a $249 value!!!) installed on your site for free when I build your website.

choose up to 5 pages

Your starter website comes with 5 pages.  You can choose which ones you want, based on the needs of your business.  Choose from: home page, landing/ sales page, about page, contact page, services offered page, product page(s), blog roll, single blog post page, pricing & packages page, portfolio, or case study page.
Need more pages?  They can be added for an additional fee… scroll down for more info.

basic site set up

I’ll take care of all that non-sexy set up stuff, like including your logo & favicon (that little icon that goes in the tab at the top and makes you look like a real professional), setting up your navigation menu, and entering all your meta data so search engines can find you.

images & copy

Not sure exactly what you want to say? Don’t have all your images ready yet? That’s okay! I’ll include up to an hour of work creating images (on Canva, Stencil, etc.) and writing copy for you. Your site will look polished and professional right from the start (even if you don’t feel that way on the inside yet!)

customize your site

Choose your colors, fonts, & style.  I’ll make sure everything sets the right tone & matches your brand. I’ll even set them as defaults for your entire site, to make it easier for you.

mobile responsive

One of the advantages of hiring a developer is that we know how to make your site mobile responsive.  That means that it will automatically resize and realign so that it always works & looks great, even with screens that are different sizes (like tablets or phones).

connect to your email list

Have an email list?  Great!!  You should!  If you have one of the 16 providers that your theme works with, I’ll connect your list to your website for you.  I’ll create one email opt-in for you, and I’ll even install the Bloom plug-in so that you can easily add your own opt-ins if you want.

FREE add ons

There are some things that are really quick and easy for a developer to do while building your website, like adding dividers (scrolling ones or static), and copying and pasting the same section onto multiple pages.  I’m happy to add these in for you for free, as long as it’s done during the website building process.

$50 discount

You’re free to choose your own hosting, but if you decide to use my SiteGround affiliate link, I’ll pass the savings on to you with a $50 discount.

not included:

(you can add these on at the additional rates below)
adjustments/ fixing bugs once the site has been handed over
answering additional questions/ providing support

before work begins:

have your domain & hosting at least 48 hours before
all information & logins must be received
50% deposit due

all this for only

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additional elements from other pages

$15 each

additional opt ins

$50 each

create custom images

$50/ hour

add stock photo images

$50/ basic site

add & design a sidebar

$100/ per sidebar (can be reused on multiple pages)

additional website pages

$75/ page (from template only)

round of revisions

$50 per hour/ round

custom pages (not from templates)

request a quote

footer menu


additional animation

$30 per page

custom 404 page


customize other theme (not Divi)

request a quote

more customized menu


phone call consultation

$30 per half hour call

eCommerce or membership site

request a quote

frequently asked questions

When will my new site be ready?

Once I have your deposit and all of your content (what you want to say and the images you want to use- don’t worry, I’ll help you!), then your new site can be up and running in just a few days (maybe even the very next day).

What about updates?

I use a developer license, so you can be sure you won’t be missing out on any security or other updates- everything is done by the book.
If you want to update your content (text and/ or images, etc.), you can do all of that right from the WordPress admin.  The Divi theme I’ll install is built to be user friendly, and there are tons of resources to help you if you get stuck.  But once it’s set up, it’s really just a matter of typing and using the drag and drop, I promise…

What about mobile? Will my site look okay on cell phones & tablets?

Of course!  That’s why you’re hiring a real developer.  I know how to make things mobile responsive (developer-speak that means it won’t get all wonky and squishy on a phone) and I know how to check everything to make sure it works on lots of different devices.

Will my site look just like everyone else's?

Definitely not…
There are infinite possible layout combinations, so no two sites will ever look the same.  Also, I won’t repeat color and font combinations, so every site has its own personalized look and feel.  Your site will represent your own business and brand.

Can't I just use one of those website builders instead?

You could, absolutely.  Website builders charge by the month.  Hiring a developer is a one-time fee.  Also, with a website builder, you’ll need to spend time researching and choosing one, watching all the tutorials to learn how to use it, and building the site yourself.  Are you really going to do all of that?

Can't I just do this myself?

Yes!!  You totally can do it yourself.  If you have time to learn WordPress and how to use the themes, go for it!  I’m a developer who specializes in WordPress, and it still took me over 100 hours to build this site.

Also, you’ll need to buy the Divi theme, which is currently $249 for a lifetime license (and $89 per year).   Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have someone do it for you for only a little more than the cost of the theme itself?