How to Get Started Building a Website

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  1. Have an idea of what you want. I know, don’t panic. Take a look at other websites in your field. Make a list of 3-5 that you LOVE and what you love about them. Keep them all as open tabs and look at them one after another… do you see any themes across their designs? Is there a lot of white space? Do they mostly have images and very little text? Do they have a creative or more traditional layout? Are they using bold colors that pop, or more neutral, calming colors? Keep a list of SOME of the design or layout qualities that you want for your website and brand.
  2. Make a basic outline of what pages you want. Most websites have home, about, & contact pages, along with maybe 1-2 other pages to describe your services. Think about what pages you want your website to have, then make an outline.
  3. Add some basic content to your outline. What content do you want on your home page? What about your about page? Make a very basic outline, just a few words outlining the different topics.
  4. Once you have your outline and your design ideas, you’re ready to start building. You can either hire a freelancer on Upwork or DIY build your own website.
  5. Don’t get stuck! If you’re having trouble moving forward, this article on what decisions you need to make before you start building might help. Sometimes it helps to know which things can be left for later and which are truly important.

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