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Recently, I was building a website for an author who is working on publishing her second novel. Her first book is already available, so for that one, we created a button with an Amazon link to purchase the book. However, the second book is not published yet, so there’s no link to use to get the book. Instead, we wanted to create a notify me button where people could get an email when it did become available. Here’s how I built a ‘get notified’ button:

We decided to use a MailChimp email list to notify people when the book is available.

  1. Set up a MailChimp account and create a list for people who would like to be notified about the new book.
  2. Connect the website to the list by using the Divi opt in module. (You can also create an opt in right in MailChimp, but you have less control over the design, so we did it in Divi.)
  3. You can add the opt in module directly to the page, but I wanted it to be a button instead. The button would open a pop up that had the email opt in. I could have also done a whole separate page, which would be good if you’re giving out the link to the opt in. However, in this case, the pop up would work better, so we went with that.
  4. To create the pop up, use the Popups for Divi plug in. It allows you to turn any section into a pop up window.
  5. Add a section to the same page as the button. Style it to match the branding and add the opt in to that section. In the pop up tab, label the CSS ID as: notify-me .
  6. Connect the opt in form to your MailChimp account using the API key (nerdy word for ‘password’).
  7. Create a button and label the text something like “notify me when it’s available.” Set the link to #notify-me (you need the #).
  8. Test it out! Save all your work and exit the visual builder. Test out the button and it should open your pop up, where you can subscribe to the list to be notified.
  9. When your book is released, send an email to all of the subscribers on the MailChimp list, and include the new link to purchase.
  10. Don’t forget to replace the ‘notify me’ button with the purchase link when you have it!

There you have it! Once you set this all up, you can just collect emails until you’re ready to notify people that your book (or product or whatever) is ready.

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