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from 0 to shiny new website…

I’ve made the process simple.  Let me take care of the tech stuff, so you can focus on your business.

let's talk
Send me an email to get started.   We’ll communicate via email or text (Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, or Whatsapp) at first, and if you choose the PRO or custom sites, we’ll also talk via video chat (or whatever medium makes you comfortable).
send in your deposit
Once you’ve sent your 50% deposit ($500 for custom orders), I’ll start working on your site as soon as possible.
choose your colors, fonts, & style
The first step is choosing a look and feel for your site (professional?  modern?  classic?), along with a color palette and fonts.  Don’t worry, I’ll guide you through this part- I have tons of experience building sites, so I know how to make different styles work. You can be as creative (or not) as you want, I promise.
gather your content
Send me your logo, and the photos & images you’d like me to use.  Write the text for your site and send that in as well.
If you have the PRO plan, feel free to use the sample content as a template for writing your own text.  (Just don’t copy it exactly!)  Send in the photos & images you have, and I’ll custom create the rest, using Stencil, Canva, and/ or PowerPoint.  I have access to loads of images & fonts!  Also
relax while I code!
Your part is done, for now… I’ll take over and make everything happen.  Your new site will be ready soon!
first draft done
Once the first version is done, I’ll send it to you to take a look.  Make notes on any changes you want to make and pass them along to me.
Take a break while I tweak your site for you.  Your site comes with 1 hour of revision work (must be done all at once!).  The PRO package comes with 2 hours, done in two rounds (take a look, I’ll revise it, take another look, I’ll revise it again).
final site done!
Your site is done and published!  Hello, world!!
send in your balance
Send in the remaining balance of payment within 14 days of your finished site going live.  I’ll send you an anonymous feedback form so you can share your thoughts.

Enjoy your shiny new website!!

frequently asked questions

When will my new site be ready?

Once I have your deposit and all of your content (what you want to say and the images you want to use- don’t worry, I’ll help you!), then your new site can be up and running in just a few days (maybe even the very next day).

What about updates?

I’ll email you the information when it’s time to update your theme.  I use a developer license, so you can be sure you won’t be missing out on any security or other updates- everything is done by the book.
If you want to update your content (text and/ or images, etc.), you can do all of that right from the WordPress admin.  It’s built to be user friendly, and there are tons of resources to help you if you get stuck.  But it’s really just a matter of typing, I promise…

What about mobile? Will my site look okay on cell phones & tablets?

Of course!  That’s why you’re hiring a real developer.  I know how to make things mobile responsive (developer-speak that means it won’t get all wonky and squishy on a phone) and I know how to check everything to make sure it works on lots of different devices.

Will my site look just like everyone else's?

Definitely not…
There are infinite possible layout combinations, so no two sites will ever look the same.  Also, I won’t repeat color and font combinations, so every site has its own personalized look and feel.  Your site will represent your own business and brand.

Can't I just use one of those website builders instead?

You could, absolutely.  Website builders charge by the month.  Hiring a developer is a one-time fee.  Also, with a website builder, you’ll need to spend time researching and choosing one, watching all the tutorials to learn how to use it, and building the site yourself.  It’s a bit like doing your taxes yourself or with a software, versus hiring a tax professional… Isn’t it both better and easier just to pay someone who knows what they’re doing?

Can't I just do this myself?

Yes!!  You totally can do it yourself.  If you have time to learn WordPress and how to use the themes, go for it!  I’m a developer who specializes in WordPress, and it still took me over 100 hours to build this site.