Why do I need a child theme? (Also, what’s a child theme?)

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You don’t really neeeeeed a child theme. But trust me, you’re going to want one. What happens is that the developers that made your theme will often send out updates. When you run those updates (as you should!!), then they could override any changes that you’ve made on your website. Do you want your work being erased every time you update your theme? I’m guessing not.

Also, having a child theme is ironically kind of like putting child locks on your medicine cabinet, because it prevents you (the child here) from editing your core theme (drinking poison). You don’t want that because if you edit the core theme and make even the tiniest mistake (like adding or leaving out the wrong punctionation mark), you could break your whole site and have to start over. When you have a child theme, you’ll be editing that instead of editing the core theme, keeping you from making any errors that might lead to the ‘blank white screen of death’ (if you know, you know, and I feel your pain).

Anyway, all of this is a long way of saying that we’re basically adding a second theme right now, but don’t worry, because the developers at Divi Cake (I know, best name ever) will make it easy for you. Just go to their site, fill in the form, and they’ll drop a free child theme right in your email inbox!

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